If you donate blood , you can help in saving lives of many patients .

Thousands of patients need blood transfusion as in the following conditions :-

Patients suffering from haemorrhage due to casualities , surgical procedures and labours. Haemophilic patients , Chronic Anaemia, Malignancy Thalassemic patients, Bone Marrow transplantation, Neonatal jaundice and others…
Blood donation is not hazardous and it proves to be a healthy habit that helps blood renewal .

The volume of blood donation is 370:400 ml, almost 7.5% of the adult blood volume.

It is compensated in a short period of time .

When you donate blood , You will get a medical examination including medical history , hemoglobin estimation and blood group determination.

The donated blood will be tested for hepatitis B , C , HIV viruses , syphilis microbe , together with liver function tests also HCV RNA by PCR.

you will receive the results confidentially or if you want they can be mailed to you.

All the materials used in blood donation are strictly sterile and disposable.

you can give blood every 3 months….

Types of the donation:
  • Whole blood.
  • Platelets donation by Aphersis machine, needs dedication of the donor who will accept to spend about one hour or more for donating platelets by Aphersis machines.
  • Autologus blood donor which means that the patient will donate blood for himself.



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