About Blood Bank :-

Shabrawishy Hospital Blood Bank was established in 1983.

Safety and Quality services were the main objectives of the blood bank since its first days, and the blood bank was ISO certified since June 2000.

The blood bank staff and management do their atmost to assure safe and effective blood components.

Hepatitis B and C viruses , HIV 1 & 2 and Syphilis are mandatory screening tests for every blood component issued plus liver funcions to make sure that the donor is not a potential carrier of hepatitis. Test for hepatitis C virus RNA by PCR was introduced since Sep. 1999 to make sure of safety of the blood.

Staff and Equipment :-
  • The manager :- an MD Staff Immunohematology quaqlification, member of the National Blood Board of the Ministry of Health, member of the Board of Egyptian Hemophilia and Egyptian Thalassemia Societies. A member of the aaBB.
  • Physicians :- Three experienced and qualified physicians directing the blood bank over 24 hours.
    Quality assurance dept.
  • Chemists :- Five qualified chemists .
  • Technicians :- Six qualified technicians .
  • Nurses :- Five nurses .
  • Donor relations personell :- 2
  • Accountants and others :- 20
Activities :-
  • Fixed site blood donor recruitment
  • Raising charities for supporting the treatment of hemophilia, thalassemia and children with cancer.
  • Outpatient transfusion clinic
  • Hemophilia treatment Centre
  • Centre for bleeding and coagulation disorder.
  • Reference lab for rare blood-grouping, difficult cross matching.
  • Platelet phenotype and platelet cross matching .

Blood Components :-
  • Packed RBCs .
  • Packed Filtered RBCs.
  • Packed washed RBCs.
  • Fresh frozen plasma .
  • Cryoprecipitate .
  • Random donor platelets .
  • Irradiation of blood components.
  • Single donor platelets.




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