If you donate blood ,you
can help in saving lives
of many patients .
Thousands of patients need blood transfusion as in
the following conditions :-
Patients suffering from haemorrhage due to casualities , surgical procedures and labours. Haemophilic patients , Chronic Anaemia, Malignancy Thalassemic patients, Bone Marrow transplantation, Neonatal jaundice...More...

Adult blood volume is 5 to 6 Liters. Blood is a red coloured fluid tha contains continuously renewing cells like red blood.
cells which renew every 4
months, platelets that renew every
week and white blood cells.
The cells are swimming
in the liquid part of the blood ,
the plasma. The blood carries oxygen
by RBCs from the lungs into the tissues
to generate energy.More...
Safety in blood transfusion
is a comprehensive issue,
it includes a chain of
transactions starting from
donor recruitment up to the
preparation of safe effective blood products
and safe transfusion to the patients.
Registration, documentation, positive
identification as well as all relevant
transactions are major issues in blood
safety. So electronic management More...
Conditions for Which Apheresi
is Reimbursable (Not
Considered Investigative)
(acute debulking
or blast crisis) Leukemia
(chronic myelogenous)
Hairy-cell Leukemia (for maintenance)
(symptomatic or presurgical)
Sickle-cell disease -
Acquired myasthenia gravis
Guillain-Barre syndrome More...



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